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Southeast Cartel is a Pinoy Hip Hop group based in Toronto, Ontario (Canada). Their name is a combination of their roots - Philippines being located in South East Asia, and the group's business mentality in the sense that as a cartel looks to push 'dope' (drugs), so does the group look to push out 'dope' (good) music to the people.

SEC performing in Taste of Manila 2016

Having been making music for the past 8 years, Southeast Cartel (SEC for short) has opened up for popular Pinoy artists/groups such as Parokya ni Edgar, Bamboo, Gloc 9, Abra, Loonie, Retrospect and Siakol. In 2016 they had the opportunity to perform in Taste of Manila, a festival that attracted upwards to 200,000 people in Toronto. The group is well experienced in performing in a variety of different events and locations, having travelled to places such as Winnipeg and Montreal for shows.

SEC along with fellow artists organized the first ever annual Pinoy Hip Hop event in Toronto called SELDA FEST this year (2017). Pinoys from all over Canada came to perform and support. SELDA FEST was a big success, with close to 300 people in attendance and a total of 21,000 live stream views.

With American and Pinoy influences, the group's English/Tagalog music is a blend of old school and new school written around unforgettable hooks. Whether a song has a simple or complex message, Southeast Cartel aims to reach Filipinos all over the world with relatable, quality music.

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